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at FPC Coahoma TX

03.19.2017   Dennis Haralson preached “Spirit & Truth” based on John 4:5-42 and Romans 5:1-11.

02.26.2017  “Of Booths and Boxes” by Peggy Tharp based on 2 Peter 1:16-21 and Matthew 17:1-9.

02.19.2017  “It is me, Jim reporting” a sermon by Rev. Jose Padin based on Ex 21:23-24 & Matth 5:38=48.

02.12.2017  “Winter Wheat” a sermon by Dennis Haralson based on 1 Corinthians 3-9.

02.05.2017   Rev. Jose Luis Casal delivers “What is a Treasure?” based on Matthew 6:19-21.

01.29.2017   Jim Blischke, preaches “What, in 2017, does the Lord require of us?”Based on Matthew 5:3-10.

11. 06.2016   Rev. Luis Casal, General Missioner preaches the sermon “Plain Talk,”  based on John 16:29-33.

10.30.2016    Annie Moertz Stanger delivers the sermon “Those We Remember.”

10.02.2016   Rev. Jose Luis Casal, General Missioner of Tres Rios Presbytery preaches “Crying for Peace…Crying for Justice”

08.21.2016   Kathy McGee preaches on “God’s Grace” at FPC Coahoma.

06.26.2016   Peggy Tharp is preaching on  John 2:13-25 “Out of the Box.”

05.01.2016   Rev. Jose Luis Casal, General Missioner preaches on Genesis 9:8-17 “When the Rainbow Appears.”

04.24.2016   Peggy Tharp is preaching the Word “An Open Invitation” on Isaiah 55:1-13

03.13.2016   Rev. Jose Luis Casal, General Missioner delivers the message “Popular Among Gentiles.”

02.14.2016   Peggy Tharp, Ruling Elder of St. Paul Presbyterian church preaches “In God We Trust?”

02.07.2016    Mike Robinson, Elder delivers the Word on “Acts 7.