Worship on August 2, 2015

Jose Luis Casal:

Sunday August 2, I preached and led communion at First Presbyterian Church in Coahoma. My sermon was, “The time of change is coming” based on Jeremiah 23:5-6. I said, “God always has a specific time for everything… The Greek word used to name the time of God is kairos, so in this passage Jeremiah is announcing a new kairos for the people of God. What the prophet announces is not only a new time but a time of changes. Along the Bible every time God’s people is in crisis or in a confrontation with the cultural environment, God announces a new kairos with radical changes. The word change creates threats and disturbance in many people. Sometimes we delay changes until the situation forces us to explore new avenues.”
“A necessary step for change is to discern the future together and articulate a vision for that future… this is a process where the congregation interacts providing feedback and alternatives… when the congregation’s leaders are successful in crafting a vision, and that vision is properly communicated, the changes come and evolve in natural ways.”
“The announcement of Jeremiah implies a holistic vision of the creation, is the harmony of God’s creation.” The kairos of God announces the changes that will take place for the good of the city. Changes of God’s kairos are not proposed to correct church declining, changes of God’s kairos are not focused on the structure or the facilities of the church. Any time the church projects changes have to be focus on the good of the city, for the wellbeing of the people of God, because that’s the only way the church could be a relevant option for our society.”

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