Rev. Robert Hawkins

Greetings from Westminster Presbyterian Church in Odessa to FPC in Coahoma

Rev. Robert Hawkins

Greetings from Rev. Robert Hawkins

Today, March 26, 2017 Mike and Monika Robinson were invited to Westminister Presbyterian Church in Odessa where Mike shared his experiences of the Mission Trip to Cuba with members during breakfast.  Among them was Rev. Robert Hawkins and his wife who introduced himself and told me that he was ordained in Coahoma long time ago.  He fondly talked about his brief, two-and-a- half years at FPC Coahoma.  Rev. Robert Hawkins was twenty-four years old when he lived in the manse by himself.  Today he is in his nineties and doing well.  He sends blessings and greetings to FPC Coahoma.

Afterwards we joined the Adult Sunday School Class and studied Chapter 16 in Exodus. The sermon was delivered as a role-play by Rev. Buddy Monahan “Simon says…”, based on Mark 15:12-22.

My name is Simon and something happened to me that changed me forever as I travelled from Cyrene to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. The city was in such an uproar. The streets were crowded and there was shouting, others were weeping bitterly. I have heard Jesus was going to be crucified. I tried to make my way through the crowds, trying to catch a glimpse of the man who the people were so eager to kill.

Then a Roman soldier pushed me forward and ordered me to carry the cross. I was horrified and angry at the same time. I knew that carrying the cross would make me unclean and thus unfit to eat the Passover meal. And then I saw him. Jesus, his body was mutilated, he could barely stand or bear the heavy weight of the cross. Having no choice, I took up the cross and carried it through the streets and followed Jesus to the place of the skulls, where he was crucified.

Initially Simon of Cyrene was concerned about becoming unclean and thus unfit for the Passover meal; yet it was exactly when Simon had an encounter with the Passover Lamb that changed his life forever.