Rev. Robert Hawkins

Palm Sunday at FPC Coahoma

Palm Sunday 2017

Today on Palm Sunday Dennis Haralson preached at FPC Coahoma. The sermon “Winners & Losers” was based on Matthew 21:1-11 and Matthew 27:15-37. With the closing hymn the congregation stepped forward and each person hung a palm branch on the cross. To view all photos of this Flickr Album, please click on the white arrow

Rev. Robert Hawkins

Greetings from Westminster Presbyterian Church in Odessa to FPC in Coahoma

Rev. Robert Hawkins

Greetings from Rev. Robert Hawkins

Today, March 26, 2017 Mike and Monika Robinson were invited to Westminister Presbyterian Church in Odessa where Mike shared his experiences of the Mission Trip to Cuba with members during breakfast.  Among them was Rev. Robert Hawkins and his wife who introduced himself and told me that he was ordained in Coahoma long time ago.  He fondly talked about his brief, two-and-a- half years at FPC Coahoma.  Rev. Robert Hawkins was twenty-four years old when he lived in the manse by himself.  Today he is in his nineties and doing well.  He sends blessings and greetings to FPC Coahoma.

Afterwards we joined the Adult Sunday School Class and studied Chapter 16 in Exodus. The sermon was delivered as a role-play by Rev. Buddy Monahan “Simon says…”, based on Mark 15:12-22.

My name is Simon and something happened to me that changed me forever as I travelled from Cyrene to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. The city was in such an uproar. The streets were crowded and there was shouting, others were weeping bitterly. I have heard Jesus was going to be crucified. I tried to make my way through the crowds, trying to catch a glimpse of the man who the people were so eager to kill.

Then a Roman soldier pushed me forward and ordered me to carry the cross. I was horrified and angry at the same time. I knew that carrying the cross would make me unclean and thus unfit to eat the Passover meal. And then I saw him. Jesus, his body was mutilated, he could barely stand or bear the heavy weight of the cross. Having no choice, I took up the cross and carried it through the streets and followed Jesus to the place of the skulls, where he was crucified.

Initially Simon of Cyrene was concerned about becoming unclean and thus unfit for the Passover meal; yet it was exactly when Simon had an encounter with the Passover Lamb that changed his life forever.

Rev. Robert Hawkins

02.19.2017 Visit of Rev. Jose Padin and His Wife Dania

Today Rev. Jose Padin and his wife Dania from Iglesia La Fernanda, Havana, Cuba visited First Presbyterian Church of Coahoma.  In Sunday School Mike and Monika Robinson shared their experiences of the mission trip to Cuba in last September through a video presentation.  Rev Padin based his sermon on Exodus 21:23-24 and the gospel reading of Matthew 5:38-48, “It is me, Jim, reporting.” Mike Robinson was translating and Pam Hicks played the piano.  After worship all congregants followed the invitation for a fellowship meal in the social hall.

Rev. Jose Padin at FPC of Coahoma

Rev. Robert Hawkins

02.12.2017 Family Worship at FPC of Coahoma

“Winter Wheat” is the title of the sermon by Dennis Haralson based on 1 Corinthians 3: 1-9.

Paul uses two metaphors how the church in Corinth should operate. Those two metaphors are fields and buildings. Living in west Texas we are familiar with fields of crops and grains. This time a year the only crop we will see around us is winter wheat. A good crop of winter wheat looks like a lush, green carpet. The field metaphor is organic and magical: seeds sprout and grow to become crop for harvest. In the farming cycle there are always things that can go wrong. Droughts, fires, hail for examples.

The church is in this cosmic system, gathering seeds for the next crop, planting, nurturing and then harvesting them. God wants us to realize that we are the field, not the machine or the one operating the machine. We are the field where God’s love is planted and grown and made available to the world not for profit or gain but for sheer sustenance.

The church is a system of synergy for the good of all. This should be be a relief for us. We do not have to do everything, only our small part.

On earth the church is God’s field, a place of wonder, where the spirit moves, where all systems and people work together for God’s kingdom on earth.

We all continue to dream of spaces that are different of what we see in our world today. Spaces where there is no hatred, jealousy nor envy. As a church we seek to be that space. That field of winter wheat. Let us commit to be part of the field, God’s field. God will grow us.

02.12.2017 Family Worship at FPC Coahoma

Rev. Robert Hawkins

02.05.2015 at FPC Coahoma in Photos

Look and see what happened at FPC Coahoma!

Coffee hour and Sunday School are favorite fellowship times of our congregation.  Because this has been the first Sunday of the month, our congregation celebrated Holy Communion.  Rev. Jose Luis Casal preached and served Communion.   A simple meal in the Social Hall followed so that everyone present could get home in time to watch sports.  Hands-on Mission project for the past three Sundays has been to stock up the local food pantry with cans of soup.

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02.05.2015 FPC Coahoma

Rev. Robert Hawkins

02.05.2017 Family Worship at FPC Coahoma

“What is a Treasure?” is the sermon title by Rev. Jose Luis Casal based on the gospel reading of Matthew 6:19-21.

What is the meaning of treasures?  Treasures are valuable things to us that we like to store or accumulate.  There are two types of treasures, the earthly treasures and the heavenly ones.  Jesus is teaching us that the heavenly treasures are more valuable and precious because they bring us closer to God.  These are still there after life is gone on earth because they are not tangible but spiritual. Be careful that your hearts  will not be controlled by the earthy treasures but by heavenly ones like justice, peace and love.  Only these treasures bring us  joy and fulfillment  and to a closer walk with God.

Rev. Robert Hawkins

On Feb. 5 Rev. José Luis Casal leads the Worship at FPC of Coahoma

If you have not heard, Rev. Jose Luis Casal has been called by the Presbyterian Mission Agency to be the new director of Presbyterian World Missions.  He leaves his position in Texas March 31 and starts with his new call  in April. We are very proud and happy about his new position!

Rev. Jose Luis Casal has served as General Missioner of Tres Rios Presbytery since 2002 and recently has preached in Coahoma every first Sunday.  We will miss Rev. Jose Luis Casal’s  leadership in our presbytery and his thought-provoking sermons.  And we will miss Cecilia who has done so much for Presbyterian Women.

According to our tradition we will celebrate Commmunion together this first Sunday of the month and after the service  share a simple “Souper” Bowl Fellowship Meal in the Social Hall.   Please come and join us, there will be plenty of soup.  We will keep it short so that everybody can head home in time to  watch the sports.

For mission you are encouraged to bring a can of soup or two that will go into the local food pantry.