02.12.2017 Family Worship at FPC of Coahoma

“Winter Wheat” is the title of the sermon by Dennis Haralson based on 1 Corinthians 3: 1-9.

Paul uses two metaphors how the church in Corinth should operate. Those two metaphors are fields and buildings. Living in west Texas we are familiar with fields of crops and grains. This time a year the only crop we will see around us is winter wheat. A good crop of winter wheat looks like a lush, green carpet. The field metaphor is organic and magical: seeds sprout and grow to become crop for harvest. In the farming cycle there are always things that can go wrong. Droughts, fires, hail for examples.

The church is in this cosmic system, gathering seeds for the next crop, planting, nurturing and then harvesting them. God wants us to realize that we are the field, not the machine or the one operating the machine. We are the field where God’s love is planted and grown and made available to the world not for profit or gain but for sheer sustenance.

The church is a system of synergy for the good of all. This should be be a relief for us. We do not have to do everything, only our small part.

On earth the church is God’s field, a place of wonder, where the spirit moves, where all systems and people work together for God’s kingdom on earth.

We all continue to dream of spaces that are different of what we see in our world today. Spaces where there is no hatred, jealousy nor envy. As a church we seek to be that space. That field of winter wheat. Let us commit to be part of the field, God’s field. God will grow us.

02.12.2017 Family Worship at FPC Coahoma

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